BeauBrain Healthcare

Predict and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

“BeauBrain Healthcare is dedicated to the prediction and prevention of dementia.”

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurological disorder that affects tens of millions of people worldwide, posing significant challenges for patients and their families. The rapid growth of the dementia market is expected due to the acceleration of an aging society and a significant increase in the number of dementia patients, along with management costs. In particular, a recent FDA-approved drug for the treatment of AD could be a game changer that may lead to sharp growth of the market related to early diagnosis and prevention of dementia.

BeauBrain Healthcare aim to contribute to a paradigm shift from treatment after the onset of dementia to early diagnosis and prevention.
We aim to provide a variety of solutions based on a deep-learning approach, to early predict Amyloid Beta, Tau, Neurodegeneration (ATN) biomarkers for dementia diagnosis, and to offer a personalized cognitive training program as digital therapeutics (DTx) for preventing and treating AD. 

Our vision is to realize precision medicine that could release people around the world from AD. This vision would be achieved by combining the ATN biomarker and cognitive function data accumulated through the provided solutions and the best genomic data already obtained from Asian